Full Version: NBA/MLB/NHL/NFL Team specific respective League Pass channels?
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Is it possible to add the channels that are specifically dedicated to the various sports teams?

In other words, instead of just the generic NBA League Pass channels that are available, is it possible to add the EPG schedules specific to the channel for each team?

And that request applies to all of the major North American sports as well.

If I need to assist by providing additional data please let me know. I'm new to making requests for your message board, but I'm happy to help!

Thank you!
Unfortunately I am not sure what you are actually asking for here.

We are not a sport schedule website.
We do not do schedules for teams or matches in any sport.

We are an EPG provider for linear TV channels.

Please read the forum rules for requesting channels.
Also read the FAQ.
We do not create the data.

You need to provide a website with the EPG data of an existing linear TV channel you want to have, so we know what we are looking for.
Closing this due to no reply.

You need to care for your topics...