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Sweden channel - TVNET - 07-09-2019

Dear Support

there channel at package Sweden are mising please add them from here


Axess TV
MBC Maghribia
TV Chili
ATG Live
C more live1 ---- in system but no epg
C more live2 ---- in system but no epg
C more live3 ---- in system but no epg
C more live4 ---- in system but no epg
C more Live 5 HD
Ginx Esports TV
Horse , Country TV
sport Expressen TV
VH1 Classic
BBC Earth Nordic HD
outdoor channel HD
paramount network

all this channel are in website

Thank you

RE: Sweden channel - Epg Admin - 07-25-2019

Yeah, this is not how it works.
Read the forum rules and the FAQ about channel listings.