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Emby formatting - mydefposse - 05-19-2020


There was a previous request for this but it was mixed in with another one which was completed so I wanted to check that the 2nd part is still outstanding:

Emby names the channels according to "tvg-name" instead of the name that we call them in the editor. Is there a way we can get a setting to switch on if we want to use Emby so that the tvg-name fields are copied from the channel names?


RE: Emby formatting - Epg Admin - 05-19-2020

Actually there is no reason why the tvg-name shouldn't change to the same name that you created in the name field in the editor.
It was simply slipped over when we created the editor.

I added it to the todo list now.
If you change the name in the editor, the tvg-name will be changed to the same.

I can't tell, when it will be available though.

RE: Emby formatting - Epg Admin - 05-21-2020

This has been added.
Now if you change the channel name in the editor, the tvg-name tag will be changed to that name as well.
That's the way how it should have been working all along.