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China PPTV Sport epg - kahar72 - 02-28-2022

May I request the following channel epg

Country: China

PPTV Sport  http://www.ppsport.com/schedules

Thank you so much in advance...
sorry for the multiple thread... I should have compiled a whole list before requesting... Big Grin

RE: China PPTV Sport epg - Epg Admin - 03-01-2022

No problem.

RE: China PPTV Sport epg - Epg Admin - 03-01-2022

That is not a linear TV channel.
That is a list of games from multiple places in multiple categories.

We are an EPG service, not a football game play table service.

Because multiple games happening at the same time, there is no possible way to create a linear schedule out of it.
Even if it would be possible, it wouldn't make sense, because no tv channel is showing all those games exactly in that order.