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Syncing - aren82 - 11-21-2022


Can we include auto sync to the playlist we create, so it can update anything from the provider.
You have the option of selecting a time for the day and it auto syncs, rather then using the force sync function.


RE: Syncing - herbmeyer - 11-23-2022

Isn't "automatic update" selected in your settings already providing the daily auto-sync ?

RE: Syncing - aren82 - 11-24-2022

whre is that in the settings section, there is no automatic update?

RE: Syncing - Epg Admin - 11-24-2022

Please read the Forum. It was talked about multiple times.

There was such a feature. It created a constant mess.

There is a topic about a similar feature which we may or may not integrate at some time in the future.