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    Thread: Channel requests
Post: Channel requests

Can you add epg for TNT Sports Ultimate UHD Also if possible Indian channel Sports 18
JS87 Fulfilled Channel Requests 1 1,541 10-31-2023, 10:37 PM
    Thread: EPG Info
Post: EPG Info

Is there any chance of having the Series/Episode numbers be moved to the program description instead of actually having it at the end of the EPG info? Hopefully you understand what I mean. Pers...
JS87 Declined Feature Requests 1 7,310 09-10-2021, 01:39 PM
    Thread: EPG Request
Post: EPG Request

Hello, Could you add the Now Sports 4k channel Thanks.
JS87 Fulfilled Channel Requests 1 5,224 08-22-2021, 04:06 AM
    Thread: Root Sports Northwest
Post: Root Sports Northwest

Could you add this Root Sports channel, thanks!
JS87 Fulfilled Channel Requests 1 6,390 07-28-2020, 08:48 PM
    Thread: Supersport Africa?
Post: Supersport Africa?

Is it possible to add EPG for the Supersport channels that airs in Zimbabwe and other African countries? (These are the same channels but different EPG to the South African version that is currentl...
JS87 Fulfilled Channel Requests 1 7,258 07-22-2020, 07:19 PM
    Thread: Malaysian Sports
Post: Malaysian Sports

Just to follow up on this previous thread, I see Rugby Pass TV is on the channel list already under Thailand (I assume it’s the same channel) Ho...
JS87 Fulfilled Channel Requests 1 7,337 07-01-2020, 06:39 PM
    Thread: Malaysian Sports Channels
Post: Malaysian Sports Channels

Can you please add these channels; BeIN Sports Max Golf Channel RugbyPass TV https://con...
JS87 Declined Channel Requests 1 7,355 06-29-2020, 07:07 PM
    Thread: ZA Channel Request
Post: ZA Channel Request

Can you please add the WWE Superslam channel? (Click on LIST then Scroll to channel 128 for an easier look at the EPG)
JS87 Fulfilled Channel Requests 1 6,411 06-14-2020, 10:18 PM
    Thread: Channel Requests (USA)
Post: Channel Requests (USA)

Can you please add; Justice Network FM (Fuse Music)
JS87 Fulfilled Channel Requests 1 6,540 05-04-2020, 12:07 AM
    Thread: Channel Requests
Post: Channel Requests

Not sure if these are possible but few channels I’m missing EPG for, MTV Live (UK) - this is on the can’t ask for list as a channel that doesn’t exist in the UK but it actually does, https:/...
JS87 Fulfilled Channel Requests 2 9,905 01-06-2020, 08:50 PM