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Some Italian Channels with no EPG
Hi Admin, 

Thank you very much for your service, I cannot watch my IPTV without it. 

It probably depends on the malfunctions due to the shutting of the server in the past days but there are some Italian channels without EPG. I tried to clear it and reload the data but nothing changes. 

The channels are:
Rai Uno
Rai Due
Rai Tre
Top Crime
Rai scuola
Sky Uno
Sky Atlantic
Fox life
Fox Crime
Food network
Sky Sport Serie A
Sky Sport Football
Sky Sport F1
Sky Sport 257
Sky Cinema Uno +24
Nat Geo Wild
Sky Arte
Gambero Rosso
Marco Polo

Thank you again!

Please could you fix the following channels (Italian) which do not have any epg. Thanks

Sky Calcio from 1 to 10 ?
Please do not post new stuff into fixed, unrelated topics.
Create new bug reports for new incidents!

If you have problems with a channel, post its tvg-id.
There are no channels called "calcio" in our lists, so I have no idea what you mean.

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