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Amazon france possible source
I know that Amazon is not a channel but I found the following possible source for match epg if that can help
It's nice that you are trying to help, but what should we do with an obfuscated file for WebGrab?

Also there is no EPG data for french Amazon.

We have Amazon data for Germany ( and USA, because they have actual data, even if they are not really needed, because they show data for channels, which are not unique to Amazon, so they are available from official sources too.

That obfuscated file is probably for the US Amazon EPG.

Amazon Prime is not a TV channel, therefore it is impossible to create EPG for it. How do you imagine it would work? What do you even expect it to show or do?

The US and German EPG is there for apps on Amazon, which show particular channels on your Amazon Prime Page.

For example you can buy the German Channel Pro7 on amazon, then you get an app that will start the tv channel when you click it within your amazon portal.
It is the most useless shit what humanity ever invented, but so be it. You have an EPG on amazon for it. But you don't have EPG for Amazon.
Amazon is nothing else than a "digital Blockbuster" video rental store (I assume, you know what Blockbuster Stores were).
How do you want to put that in a linear TV guide?

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