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Show Provider Source for Each Channel in Merged List.

Would it be possible to add a row in the m3u editor that shows the iptv source for the channel in a merged list? 

Right now, it is impossible to tell which channel belongs to which provider in a merged list. So when I change EPG status for channels with same name, but from different providers from EPG to No EPG, I don't know which provider I am modifying.  

Maybe a row that is either color coded to match provider or an ID that identifies the provider would help a lot.  Idea
I would like to see that also, maybe even an XML tag with the source name defined in iptv-epg
Hi, kind of related, in the EPiG app to have the source of each added m3u play!ist listed on the side, in addition to be able to move up or down the playlist order. Or add that as a numbering option in the web tv page
Has this request been given any consideration? I have duplicate channels in my list that I use as a backup source. I only set one channel to SHOW EPG and leave the backups to NO EPG, EXCLUDE FROM M3U. 

I need to know what sources I am turning on and off because some m3u providers have connection limits or different resolution for the same channel. This would be a very helpful feature for merged lists.
Everything gets a consideration. We have just too much to do and not enough time.
This has been added to the site.

Please click the eye icon next to the channel name to check if the stream is working and see the url of the channel.

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