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Allow filtering options OUT of EPG channel suggestions
(04-24-2022, 01:01 AM)jeremyrem Wrote: Sorry for the confusion, the check boxes are to limit the channel search to a specific country.  The other options listed were just there because I didnt blur anything

e.g. when you start typing a epgid, it will only suggest using the limited countries.

Oh, I understand.

You can filter only uk channels when you simply type ".uk" into the search field. Then you get the list of TVG-IDs from the UK.

The drawback of it is that you get all the channels from the UK and if you search for a country with hundreds of channels, it can be more tedious to find the channel you are looking for, than simply searching for the smallest common denominator, like in case of BBC channels, the letters B, B and C of course.

Selecting the country code in advance would add an extra layer to the filtering, which is actually a good idea.

I add this to the todo list.

Thank you for the explanation.

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