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Changing to manual channel delete when m3u Updated from provider
Because the Autodelete of channels causing problems even after fixing a big part of it and because even if it works, it's confusing, we will switch to a hybrid version.

If your provider deleted channels or if we simply can not reach your original m3u file, the site will list your channels as obsolete and will offer you to keep them or delete them.

If you delete them, they are gone forever!

If you keep them, they will never be updated again!
If their original link changes, you will have to change the link in the editor too.

This system will be rolled out some time this week probably.

Until then use the revert button if you are not sure about your updates and use the BACKUP FUNCTION!
We have implemented this feature now and it is live.

If you have an update already from before today, please click the "review button" and then click the "revert changes" button just to be sure.
The update will come the next day using the new system.
(I am not sure if the "Force Sync" button works for the next 24 hours after the updates were reverted)

ALWAYS make a BACKUP before updating!

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