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Channel List Profiles
Is there a way to add an option that will allow users to backup/restore a Channel list Profile from the website Channels page? For example, I just wanted a copy of my Panama channels only....That meant that in order to do it I had to delete all my other choices.... If I want them back, I have to manually re-select them one by one again as I dont choose whole country packages ........ It would be very useful and I am sure other users will have a use for such a feature....
I will ask the programmers, if it's possible.
But if we can do it, please don't expect it soon, because we have a very long todo list  Smile
I Understand ! Its just that I think is a needed & most important feature ! Thanks !
This was actually integrated months ago, although you will back up your whole profile.
There is no need nor is it technically possible to easily integrate backing up single groups or channels.

You have this feature when you use the m3u editor.

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