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Add tvg-id
Need to add

Our provider uses this ID and not for the Chicago ABC station.

Thank you
I don't care what your provider uses.
I don't think you understand how this works.
Watch the tutorial video on the main page to learn how this works.
Will do, again. Maybe I missed something.
You have to add our tvg-id in your m3u file, not the opposite.
Not sure how to get both ABC NY and ABC Chicago guide data, both have different schedules and both are offered by the provider, but I do not know how to map both. when I choose tvg-ID="" for both I get the same guide data. Your list does not have tvg-ID="". So I am unsure how to get the Chicago guide.

What do I put in the form to get the Chicago guide for ABC?
You already answered your own question in the first post.
If we have the tvg-id for chicago, then you put that tvg-id to that channel. Sounds logical, doesn't it?

Use the channel finder on the website for looking up tvg-ids if you do not know how to search for them in the editor.

Read texts on the website! Read the FAQ! Watch the tutorial videos and USE YOUR BRAIN!

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