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Set "default" country for editing m3u channel groups?

I would like to suggest a feature.

I have about 200 UK channels and about 200 US channels. They are separated into suitable groups. When it comes to editing each m3u it would be very convenient if I could set a default country for each group. At the moment your software makes a decent guess (perhaps 40% right for me) at which epg to suggest for which channel. However some channels are common across many countries and I might be offered 3-6 suggestions which are all for the "wrong" country.

eg MTV,ro etc.

If I could select a country (for each group) then it would be more likely, I would have thought, that your software would automatically select the correct epg eg at least offer that channel as one of the options to just click on.

I appreciate that some folks may not have their groups sorted as I do. So perhaps the current default could still be the default so that people who like it just the way it is would also be happy.

When I am fully up and running I will have 4 m3u each with the same 400 channels. This is a lot of work to go through and edit each time. 

If we had this feature this could save me hours of editing when my supplier (or your server) makes changes.

Thank you
I can't love this idea enough. Me and many of my friends have things set up the same way. Our groups are various yet separated by country. It would be awesome to say "US Sports" to only show EPG's for the US. Great idea!
We are absolutely not happy with the system either and we have plans to change it, it just takes a bit time.
Something like this is on the todo list.
This is kinda available in the editor now.

Suggestions were removed.

You can select countries for the tvg-id search results.

This should make editing easier.

Channel recognition at import will be improved with the new system we are wroking on.

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