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Timeshift and sorting functions in m3u editor
We added timeshift per channel to the m3u editor.

You can also drag and drop the categories and channels and sort them how you like.
Or you can click the autosort button which will sort the channels alphabetically.

Just began using the m3u editor recently. I am trying to manually drag and drop categories/groups to rearrange the order. However, as soon as I click on the up/down arrow icon on the left, the cursor changes shape from a hand to a circle with a line across and nothing further happens. Can you please let me know if it is possible to move up or down the groups manually and if the answer is yes, then, what would I need to do different to make it work. Thanks for your help.
You have to drag and drop the channels.

You don't just click the arrows. You grab the arrows by holding the left mouse button and move it to the place you want it to be and then drop it by releasing the left mouse button.

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