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[ADDED] Local USA Network Channels
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Greetings ! Most US Cable companies provide EAST feeds of the networks based on their local New York or Boston Feeds... Can you please add the Boston guide for ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/CW on the USA Lineup?  ABC is ABC WCVB Boston, FOX is FOX WFXT Boston 25, NBC is NBC Boston...... Thanks !
Those channels are in the list and they are all eastern feeds.

I don't know what you mean.
The ones that are on the list are the network feeders....not the local ones..... If you check, for example, DirecTV in Boston, you will then have the local channels for each of the networks.....Try it and let me know ! Thanks!
Actually I am not sure if I want to do that.

If I add the Boston ones, then tomorrow somebody wants the Los Angeles ones and at the end I have to add 386000 local feeeds for every little town of the country.

And the servers won't be able to handle that for sure.

Not to speak about the huge list on the site which is already confusing.

But I will think about it.
Actually, you only need the Boston & New York ones wich are the only ones usually included on Cable packages as they are popular......Its only 5 networks x 2 cities for a total of 10 channels....not 36000...... Big Grin
I don't know how US TV works.

I just assumed that every god forsaken backwater has its own tv channel  Big Grin
Boston & New York local network stations are the ones typically included on most IPTV services.... In my case, Boston ! This is for ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/CW which are the major over-the-air networks in USA.............Thanks !
Ok, I changed ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS to their NY feeds.
You were right.

But who would think, that KTTV is ABC from LA and WABC is the NY based ABC.

Why don't they just call it ABC NY and ABC LA?
By any chance do you have the Boston Feeds ? Is the one used by IPTVSubs............
The CW is already the eastern feed.
That was a topic once already and I changed it.
There is no other possible channel as I checked in with 3 different cable providers on 3 different websites.

Oh and btw: can you please not scream in your titles?
Believe me, I will see your topic even if you don't use caps lock!
I have goggles for it :-P

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