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A few things you should know before using this website
People sometimes get confused, so here are a few things you should know about this website, before starting using it:

1. This website is created and maintained by 3D Magic LLC, which is a real company registered in the USA. The company pays taxes. I am the owner and the CEO of the company.

2. We put hundreds of work hours and thousands of dollars every month into the development and maintenance of this website.

3. This system runs on about 30 servers in different datacenters, containing web servers, load balancers, and many other things connected into a complex network, created by us. It is not an old gaming PC next to my bed, how some people might imagine what's necessary for creating EPG using WebGrab.

4. There are about ten people with salary (not including me) working on this website in the background. They are not working on it all at the same time of course. Big Grin

5. I am the guy who will answer your topics here and also your tickets on the website. There is nobody else. Just me. Get used to it  Tongue

6. I am the inventor and the creator of this website  Cool and this website was the first that offered this kind of service. Everybody else tried to copy us (and sometimes even steal from us) after they saw our success.

7. I was born in 1969, so I am longer in the business, than you are probably alive.

8. I am working on this site basically 24/7 on 365 days a year since 2016. Beside answering all your issues and questions day by day as fast as I can, I also manage the EPG data, add new channels, refine the data, create new scripts, coordinate the programmers and server admins and think about ways to improve the service and the user experience and many more things that are necessary for running the site, and which I can not remember right now to list them all. Anyway, this website is my life for 6 years now.

9. I think about this community as a family, not as a business.

10. I am a nice guy, but I am not very diplomatic, none the less you will always get the same tone back, how you approached me. If you contact me and ask nicely, like a human being, you will get all my help as nicely as I am capable of communicating with other humans. Sometimes the teacher or the father figure might come through a bit too strongly. I apologize for that in advance.  Heart

12. If I tell you something, even if it's only "Please read the FAQ", then you can be sure that that is the best possible answer you can get from anybody in the whole wide world for your problem. If you start discussing with me about it without even trying to follow my advice, or you even try to explain to me how my website works or how it should work, I will get very unfriendly.  Angry

13. I will not kiss your ass and you will always hear the absolute truth from me. How it comes through, is always up to you!

14. If you get offended by my reply, just because you thought, you can treat me like your servant, or because the truth hurts you, you know where's the door. I charge money for giving you the best EPG data you can get for a few bucks on the whole internet, not for entertaining you with my personality.

15. If #14 applies to you, there is a subreddit on Reddit, where people tell stories about me, what a huge asshole I am. You are welcome to join them. You have to search for the link on your own though  Big Grin

16. If you are satisfied with the service, you are also always welcome to give a positive review on Trustpilot (which I know, you will never do).

And last, but not least:

17. You expect us to keep, what we promised for your money, we also expect you to keep your side of the agreement outlined in our Terms of Use. If you didn't read it yet, you should start now. Even though you didn't read it, it still exists and it is a binding contract between you and us. If you still refuse to read it, do not be surprised if things don't go your way.

Thank you for your understanding.
Additionally to the above, here are a few things about the functionality of the website, which you need to understand:

1. This is an EPG service for linear TV channels in the first place, providing xmltv data.

2. The site was created in 2016 when M3U files contained a few dozen TV channels at best.

3. We added the M3U editor to the site as a courtesy feature to allow people getting EPG easier. We work on making it even easier ever since, however:

4. The M3u editor is not meant to be used for M3U files from illegal IPTV providers who try to stuff the whole Netflix inventory into a single text file.

5. The editor has basic VOD functionality and we are working on expanding it, because we understand the need of it, but it is not our priority.

6. Using M3U files 100-200 MB big, with sometimes over a million rows, is not the scope of this website.

7. Using such M3U files in an IPTV app is the dumbest thing you can do. In such apps it won't just take for ever to load these files, but also you will have to scroll through hundreds and thousands of titles to find what you want to watch, but probably you will never do that anyway.

There are solutions on the Internet, which will allow you to watch any movie in seconds with a search query and a button click and which will automatically put the latest episodes of your favorite show on the screen without the need of storing 200 MB text files on your TV. Search for them and use them!

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