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GMA Pinoy TV (US Versions)
Hey there,

Was looking to see if I could add the US versions of "GMA Pinoy". You currently have the Philippine versions on there, but those shows don't align with the US version of the show, even with the time shift.

Here are the schedules:
(GMA Pinoy US West)
(GMA Pinoy US East)

I've provided west and east links. Doesn't matter which one you add as they're the same and I could just time shift.

Was looking to see if you could add these too.
(GMA Life US)
(GMA News US)
GMA News doesn't exist in the USA.

It was renamed to GTV in the Philippines.

There is a GMA News epg in saudi arabia.

I added GMA News in Canada. They are present in Canada.

Added the others.

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