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Auto Accept All Updates
Is there no option to auto-accept all updates? My provider updates the channel names for basketball games, PPV, and so on. I would rather not have to micro-manage the updates if possible.
Please read the Fulfilled Feature Requests and the Declined Feature Request forums before making a request.

Also the Status Report Forum and the Announcement forum.

An Autoupdate function was already available but we removed it a long time ago, because it caused only problems.

Also please read the FAQ what is considered an update here.

First of all we do not have any love for (stolen) sport events here nor for endless lists of (stolen) VOD movies trying to recreate Netflix in a friggen text file.

Beside that if we would update changed titles of channels automatically, then the editor would lose its purpose of existence.

This editor was created to be able to change the degenerate titles of IPTV providers to your liking and get rid of all the childies smilies and idiotic comments. If we would change it back every time they update it, you would go insane again and then you would ask for a feature to stop it.

None the less, we understand, where you and the dozen others who asked for this feature are coming from and there is already a feature request for a hybrid solution, which we will try to implement.
Having auto update will break quite a few things, trust that you dont want it.

For 1, they dont reuse the the removed channels. They just delete the line and add it to the bottom, creating a whole new channel. XtremeCodes resolves most of it but is still not perfect resulting in a bunch of blanks/non working entries and new channels added out of order.

I would instead suggest, filtering those PPV/Live channels out of the editor, and instead using your original playlist for those. Can either use a filter or clever inline sed command to only show select lines.

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