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Indicator for epg xml last generated
The XML is delayed to generate, and there is no reliable way to know when I should upload my new epg xml file, as I am actively working on my lineup, because sometimes you need to see the immediate results.

It would be useful to show the date of the last time the xml file was generated in the "My channels" page for "My EPG". Maybe as a bonus, it would be nice to also see if the file is currently queued to be updated, outside of the normal server update time. This will also be help zero in on the appropriate time to have Plex  and/or any middleware update the for the EPG.
Please read the FAQ.
This is answered there.

Your xml file is updated every 4 hours.

The 4 hour starts when you last generated the xml file.

That means, when you started your trial or last clicked the save button, which always generates the xml file freshly.

It is an ever changing time.

No need to know it.

Update your Plex every 4-12 hours and you are good to go.

Please stop asking for features befoire you fully know the site and read the FAQ and watched all the tutorial videos.
The problem is that I am making rapid changes to my lineup. How am I supposed to know when the last I made a change or how much time is left, when I am making rapid changes. The indicator would be useful.

All you’re doing is scraping content from zap2it. Maybe I’ll spend weekend to make an opensource solution that does the same thing has a simple indicator. You know how to use the date function in PHP? It would be simple and usefu land avoid support tickets.

Honestly that's a pretty fucking stupid piss poor response "read the faq". Or you can just... make the app easier to use instead of sprinkling shit all over the site and turning it into a scavenger hunt.
Good. Do that.


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