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France channels request
hi :

Can you add the epg of these French channels :
- FREQUENCE NOVELAS (not same as Novelas TV)

And FR Rakuten ones ?

Thanks in advance !
Canal Plus was already added.

Please read the Forum rules and the pinned topics!

We do not add pseudo tv channels to our list, like Samsung TV, Rakuten and such, because they are unreliable and we do not have time to fix their shit all the time.

Universe Cine is a VOD service. We provide EPG to linear TV channels. A VOD service can not have an EPG, because it is not a linear TV channel.

If your illegal IPTV provider created a channel playing stolen movies from that service, then he is the one who can create an EPG to that channel.

Using illegal IPTV services is not illegal on its own, but we do not advise using them.
Exceptionally I added those Rakuten channels to France now.
Let me know in a new topic if you want other channels from there.

List only those channels which are french channels and have french EPG. I will not add english channels and english language EPG.

I will not update that list after that.
If channels disappear, then they disappear.

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