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[FIXED] Missing Channels (July 6. 2019)
(07-06-2019, 07:44 AM)Galaxy Wrote: As of 7:30am CET Saturday, I note that most of the non-English language channels have been restored, but there are still none for the USA, Canada, UK or Ireland.  I would have thought they were the ones of interest to most subscribers, and I'm disappointed they were not loaded first.  I have now been without any TV service, both the EPG and the channels themselves, for over three days (since Wednesday), as my player depends on the m3u file provided by  I am quite disappointed at how long this recovery is taking.  Hopefully the rest of the channels will be loaded on Saturday morning.

Yeah, our system is not going by trying to please the most entitled little prick in class Wink
Restoring these things takes more than a few clicks here and there.

Unfortunately those lists are the biggests and it also has a time window when these things happen for these channels.
Updated First Post.
Australian channels working fine
Uk Channels fine
USA channels no information . Channel icons are displayed

As of Sunday morning 
No channels are working correctly
I reimported my m3u as directed to by email support. I was able to  relink all of my channels to US tvg-id however no guide information is available. When do you expect this to be resolved? Thanks!

Edit: seems to be working now...thank you
You need to click the save button to generate the xml file if it was not generated automatically.

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